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Hall of Fame - Batting

Grade Type 
Match Format 
112320030712623322607073123*Ryan A JamesTerrigal2017/2018First Grade2 1Southern Spirit
211520030712623322607064115Ryan A JamesTerrigal2017/2018First Grade1 1Warnervale
38910354601262332260743889Jonty WebbTerrigal2017/2018Third Grade2 1Southern Spirit
46416476911262332271471264*Jack BryerTerrigal2017/2018Under 12C2 1Brisbane Water
5638841031262332260731163Thomas BateupTerrigal2017/2018Second Grade1 1Warnervale
6612245501262332260707361Tim C BowringTerrigal2017/2018First Grade2 1Southern Spirit
7602002611262332260706460Kyle A JamesTerrigal2017/2018First Grade1 1Warnervale
86010354601262332270881560Jonty WebbTerrigal2017/2018Under 16 A1 1Southern Spirit
95114452761262332270967351*Aidan EllisTerrigal2017/2018Under 12 A1 1Brisbane Water
10508051141262332260742950Liam ColeTerrigal2017/2018Third Grade1 1Warnervale
115011384951262332260743850Joshua MedagliaTerrigal2017/2018Third Grade2 1Southern Spirit
Note: Qualification levels for this report are 50 and 100 runs.

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