Season Statistics

  • All statistics include finals matches. Teams sorted by winning percentage.
  • Season win/loss record
    CCCA:First Grade164165031%
    CCCA:Second Grade1610222075%
    CCCA:Third Grade174058024%
    CCCA:Fourth Grade209065045%
    CCCA:Fifth Grade187056039%
    CCCA:Seventh Grade1720312012%
    CCCA:Eighth Grade1730311018%
    CCCA:Glenn Rowlands Shield73013043%
    CCCA:Masters - Over 40s62004033%
    CCCA:Womens 1st Grade1814031078%
    Terrigal Male Youth League (CCCA:Male Youth League)134045031%
    Terrigal Under 16 (CCCA:Under 16)156036040%
    Terrigal 14a Maroon (CCCA:Under 14a)175039029%
    Terrigal 14a Gold (CCCA:Under 14a)161041106%
    Terrigal 14c (CCCA:Under 14c)132047015%
    Terrigal 12a Maroon (CCCA:Under 12a)1812033067%
    Terrigal 12a Gold (CCCA:Under 12a)1812033067%
    Terrigal 12b Maroon (CCCA:Under 12b)165047031%
    Terrigal 12b Gold (CCCA:Under 12b)179053053%
    Terrigal 11 Maroon (CCCA:Under 11)164039025%
    Terrigal 11 Gold (CCCA:Under 11)1611032069%
    Terrigal 11 White (CCCA:Under 11)167045044%
    Terrigal Girls Sixers League (CCCA:Girls Sixers League)158052053%
    KC:Under 12 Cup51004020%
    KC:Under 14 Plate52003040%

    Season batting statistics
    CCCA:First Grade168210815.575473.080222
    CCCA:Second Grade19959820.365733.481916
    CCCA:Third Grade17259518.164503.831613
    CCCA:Fourth Grade154810514.744723.280213
    CCCA:Fifth Grade145811213.024163.500125
    CCCA:Seventh Grade154912812.105033.080033
    CCCA:Eighth Grade162911913.695113.190530
    CCCA:Glenn Rowlands Shield6274314.581145.500210
    CCCA:Masters - Over 40s5763914.771583.64005
    CCCA:Womens 1st Grade20385636.392807.28069
    Terrigal Male Youth League (CCCA:Male Youth League)12696718.942584.91028
    Terrigal Under 16 (CCCA:Under 16)11468813.022983.830021
    Terrigal 14a Maroon (CCCA:Under 14a)109010110.793762.890026
    Terrigal 14a Gold (CCCA:Under 14a)930959.793312.810030
    Terrigal 14c (CCCA:Under 14c)7205513.092283.150122
    Terrigal 12a Maroon (CCCA:Under 12a)17848820.273954.510323
    Terrigal 12a Gold (CCCA:Under 12a)16788619.513994.200217
    Terrigal 12b Maroon (CCCA:Under 12b)7296810.722472.940021
    Terrigal 12b Gold (CCCA:Under 12b)15166124.853094.910113
    Terrigal 11 Maroon (CCCA:Under 11)9581009.582603.68000
    Terrigal 11 Gold (CCCA:Under 11)17178420.442397.18000
    Terrigal 11 White (CCCA:Under 11)129210112.792205.87000
    Terrigal Girls Sixers League (CCCA:Girls Sixers League)10013231.281805.56000
    KC:Under 12 Cup4292715.89795.37002
    KC:Under 14 Plate3082114.67734.19009

    Season bowling statistics
    CCCA:First Grade112186716.676183.026
    CCCA:Second Grade145149310.306302.373
    CCCA:Third Grade78159420.444103.890
    CCCA:Fourth Grade118138411.734622.990
    CCCA:Fifth Grade120149312.444563.270
    CCCA:Seventh Grade99187018.894314.332
    CCCA:Eighth Grade81185622.914124.500
    CCCA:Glenn Rowlands Shield4750910.831064.790
    CCCA:Masters - Over 40s3468520.151474.650
    CCCA:Womens 1st Grade90137515.282794.920
    Terrigal Male Youth League (CCCA:Male Youth League)79121415.372415.020
    Terrigal Under 16 (CCCA:Under 16)105106110.103133.380
    Terrigal 14a Maroon (CCCA:Under 14a)88133715.193813.500
    Terrigal 14a Gold (CCCA:Under 14a)51112922.142724.140
    Terrigal 14c (CCCA:Under 14c)4998120.022224.400
    Terrigal 12a Maroon (CCCA:Under 12a)99124312.563723.340
    Terrigal 12a Gold (CCCA:Under 12a)106120511.373543.400
    Terrigal 12b Maroon (CCCA:Under 12b)6499715.582743.630
    Terrigal 12b Gold (CCCA:Under 12b)8592110.842753.340
    Terrigal 11 Maroon (CCCA:Under 11)58148525.602605.710
    Terrigal 11 Gold (CCCA:Under 11)12411349.152404.730
    Terrigal 11 White (CCCA:Under 11)84118214.072205.371
    Terrigal Girls Sixers League (CCCA:Girls Sixers League)6675511.441804.190
    KC:Under 12 Cup2251023.18925.520
    KC:Under 14 Plate2342918.65934.600

    W1Number of 1st innings wins
    W2Number of outright wins
    DrawNumber of Draws and Ties
    L1Number of 1st innings losses
    L2Number of outright losses
    100sNumber of hundreds scored for this team
    50sNumber of fifties scored for this team
    0sNumber of ducks scored for this team
    FiveWNumber of five wickets in an innings taken for this team