Season Statistics

  • All statistics include finals matches. Teams sorted by winning percentage.
  • Season win/loss record
    Sorted ascending. Click again to sort descending.TeamMatW1W2DrawL1L2%Win
    CCJCA:Under 14A770000100%
    CCJCA:Under 16 B42101075%
    CCJCA:Under 16 A75002071%
    CCCA:Under 21 - Glenn Rowlands Shield32001067%
    CCCA:First Grade84112063%
    CCJCA:Under 12 A52111060%
    CCJCA:Under 12C106004060%
    CCCA:Ladies T2095022056%
    CCJCA:Under 12 B95004056%
    CCCA:First Grade - One Day Competition42002050%
    CCCA:Second Grade84004050%
    CCCA:Second Grade - One Day Competition42002050%
    CCJCA:Under 14B42002050%
    CCCA:Third Grade83013138%
    CCJCA:Under 11 - Central103016030%
    CCJCA:Under 14C103007030%
    CCCA:Eighth Grade4000400%
    CCCA:Eighth Grade - One Day Competition3000300%
    CCCA:Fourth Grade8000800%
    CCCA:Fourth Grade - One Day Competition4000400%
    CCCA:Seventh Grade7002500%
    CCCA:Seventh Grade - One Day Competition4002200%
    CCCA:Third Grade - One Day Competition4001300%

    Season batting statistics
    CCJCA:Under 14A10164423.092134.75002
    CCJCA:Under 16 B6124015.301773.45027
    CCJCA:Under 16 A10454324.302274.60155
    CCCA:Under 21 - Glenn Rowlands Shield3392812.11585.76009
    CCCA:First Grade12645522.983303.823411
    CCJCA:Under 12 A7523124.262113.56041
    CCJCA:Under 12C10736017.882743.910120
    CCCA:Ladies T2012572844.8912310.16184
    CCJCA:Under 12 B5825011.642172.680018
    CCCA:First Grade - One Day Competition7533025.100    
    CCCA:Second Grade12887517.173973.240416
    CCCA:Second Grade - One Day Competition6873519.630    
    CCJCA:Under 14B6054214.401983.05018
    CCCA:Third Grade14758118.213853.831411
    CCJCA:Under 11 - Central8695814.981804.83001
    CCJCA:Under 14C8546912.382473.450015
    CCCA:Eighth Grade1181011.80343.44003
    CCCA:Eighth Grade - One Day Competition1181011.800    
    CCCA:Fourth Grade11827415.973943.000311
    CCCA:Fourth Grade - One Day Competition3262612.540    
    CCCA:Seventh Grade10025717.582543.94106
    CCCA:Seventh Grade - One Day Competition5542225.180    
    CCCA:Third Grade - One Day Competition6813420.030    

    Season bowling statistics
    CCJCA:Under 14A6165310.702292.850
    CCJCA:Under 16 B5866811.522003.340
    CCJCA:Under 16 A5899017.072444.050
    CCCA:Under 21 - Glenn Rowlands Shield2122610.76583.900
    CCCA:First Grade79134216.993833.501
    CCJCA:Under 12 A5272513.942283.171
    CCJCA:Under 12C6483112.982673.110
    CCCA:Ladies T2034117334.501607.330
    CCJCA:Under 12 B6175512.382033.710
    CCCA:First Grade - One Day Competition2980727.830  
    CCCA:Second Grade67135120.163693.662
    CCCA:Second Grade - One Day Competition2865023.210  
    CCJCA:Under 14B4667614.701843.660
    CCCA:Third Grade68141420.793703.822
    CCJCA:Under 11 - Central60113618.932005.680
    CCJCA:Under 14C57113019.822314.870
    CCCA:Eighth Grade818322.88355.230
    CCCA:Eighth Grade - One Day Competition818322.880  
    CCCA:Fourth Grade33119836.302295.230
    CCCA:Fourth Grade - One Day Competition1039939.900  
    CCCA:Seventh Grade47107522.872224.840
    CCCA:Seventh Grade - One Day Competition2153025.240  
    CCCA:Third Grade - One Day Competition2972725.070  

    W1Number of 1st innings wins
    W2Number of outright wins
    DrawNumber of Draws and Ties
    L1Number of 1st innings losses
    L2Number of outright losses
    100sNumber of hundreds scored for this team
    50sNumber of fifties scored for this team
    0sNumber of ducks scored for this team
    FiveWNumber of five wickets in an innings taken for this team