Season Statistics

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  • Season win/loss record
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    CCCA:Ladies T201614011088%
    12B Terrigal Maroon (CCJCA:Under 12 B)2015032075%
    CCJCA:Under 16 A129021075%
    CCCA:Seventh Grade2317033074%
    14 Terrigal Maroon (CCJCA:Under 14)158232067%
    CCJCA:Under 12 A2013043065%
    12B Terrigal Gold (CCJCA:Under 12 B)1912025063%
    CCJCA:Under 13 B177019041%
    14 Terrigal Gold (CCJCA:Under 14)135016138%
    11 Terrigal Maroon (CCJCA:Under 11 - South)197039037%
    CCCA:Fourth Grade145025236%
    CCJCA:Under 16 B144118036%
    CCCA:Eighth Grade2170212033%
    CCCA:Second Grade186037233%
    CCCA:Under 21 - Glenn Rowlands Shield62022033%
    11 Terrigal Gold (CCJCA:Under 11 - South)195068026%
    CCCA:First Grade1950310126%
    CCJCA:Under 14a Ver 21001000%
    CCJCA:Under 14a Ver 21001000%
    CCJCA:Under 14B1000100%
    CCJCA:Under 14A       

    Season batting statistics
    CCCA:Ladies T2018774541.712228.44348
    12B Terrigal Maroon (CCJCA:Under 12 B)18056527.774484.020314
    CCJCA:Under 16 A11956418.672794.270415
    CCCA:Seventh Grade327313923.556824.8001725
    14 Terrigal Maroon (CCJCA:Under 14)14996822.043194.700511
    CCJCA:Under 12 A212510021.254584.640115
    12B Terrigal Gold (CCJCA:Under 12 B)15388617.884073.780021
    CCJCA:Under 13 B9989310.733352.980027
    14 Terrigal Gold (CCJCA:Under 14)11759412.503603.260430
    11 Terrigal Maroon (CCJCA:Under 11 - South)175412214.383005.85000
    CCCA:Fourth Grade210713016.217092.971823
    CCJCA:Under 16 B14999316.123504.280119
    CCCA:Eighth Grade196416212.125883.340344
    CCCA:Second Grade160513611.806322.540130
    CCCA:Under 21 - Glenn Rowlands Shield3582713.26665.42015
    11 Terrigal Gold (CCJCA:Under 11 - South)14518816.492944.94000
    CCCA:First Grade242216115.047363.290523
    CCJCA:Under 14a Ver 200      
    CCJCA:Under 14a Ver 200      
    CCJCA:Under 14B5195.67212.39   
    CCJCA:Under 14A00      

    Season bowling statistics
    CCCA:Ladies T2067140420.962755.110
    12B Terrigal Maroon (CCJCA:Under 12 B)1249177.403682.490
    CCJCA:Under 16 A1009529.523242.931
    CCCA:Seventh Grade179280315.666994.012
    14 Terrigal Maroon (CCJCA:Under 14)114119710.504652.570
    CCJCA:Under 12 A118140811.934103.430
    12B Terrigal Gold (CCJCA:Under 12 B)104121511.684242.860
    CCJCA:Under 13 B94118512.613962.990
    14 Terrigal Gold (CCJCA:Under 14)96138114.393743.690
    11 Terrigal Maroon (CCJCA:Under 11 - South)106177816.773205.561
    CCCA:Fourth Grade115209318.206793.080
    CCJCA:Under 16 B127155712.264393.550
    CCCA:Eighth Grade148228415.436443.541
    CCCA:Second Grade123184214.986003.072
    CCCA:Under 21 - Glenn Rowlands Shield1930115.84575.220
    11 Terrigal Gold (CCJCA:Under 11 - South)95152416.042805.441
    CCCA:First Grade146241416.537033.433
    CCJCA:Under 14a Ver 200 0  
    CCJCA:Under 14a Ver 200 0  
    CCJCA:Under 14B310535.00224.77 
    CCJCA:Under 14A00 0  

    W1Number of 1st innings wins
    W2Number of outright wins
    DrawNumber of Draws and Ties
    L1Number of 1st innings losses
    L2Number of outright losses
    100sNumber of hundreds scored for this team
    50sNumber of fifties scored for this team
    0sNumber of ducks scored for this team
    FiveWNumber of five wickets in an innings taken for this team

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